Jewelry Inspired by Wonder

Our work is infused with childhood daydreams dripping in regal jewelry, the transporting power of fantasy and fairy tales, an enduring fascination with the natural and cultural wonders of historical cabinets of curiosity, feverish awe of the beauty of gemstones, and an ardent belief in the power of jewelry to make manifest the inner self.

Meet Claire

Hi, I am Claire, the artist behind Yours by Claire Webb. I grew up in the damp forested hills of the Pacific Northwest, and spent most of my adult life in Houston, TX, and recently Tucson, AZ. I am currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Jewelry & Metalsmithing at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR.

The work I offer through Yours emerges from my artistic practice where I love to experiment and create beautiful, unexpected material combinations. The You Rule collection is influenced by the 1990's pop culture of my childhood, including the princess aesthetic, fantasy films, and kids' toys. I have always wanted to make jewelry that feels magical. Magic is power, and this collection is a meditation on self empowerment as much as it is a reverie about regal jewelry and symbolism that has been distilled throughout human history. With their exaggerated forms and mix of traditional and unconventional materials, these jewels play dress-up and dream about the future with a nod to the past and a wink and a smile.

I hope this work brings you joy, wonder, and confidence through inspirational jewelry that is closely connected to art and the artist; and allows you to enhance your style, sense of self, and the way you present yourself to the world.

Follow my studio practice at:
@byclairewebb on Instagram


Each of our pieces is individually hand crafted using largely vintage Swarovski, Czech, and German high-quality crystal gemstones, epoxy clay, colored metal leaf, and a top coat of resin.

Claire employs her well-honed artistic sensibility to create sophisticated color palettes that feature exciting and unexpected color combinations.

For more information visit our Care & Materials page.